Despite its rather young history, VH Invest AG can already look back on a series of courageous and at the same time successful investment decisions. Each carefully selected and managed company goes its very own way, leaving behind an individual footprint of which VH is proud. Nothing is changed without perseverance, resilience and faith. Therefore, assessment bases are not based on turnover figures, but on people whose successes are as different as they are themselves. The following figures symbolise success for us in the different development phases

of our corporate investments.


windwise has developed the maxcap technology for the purpose of maximizing the number of full-load hours of wind turbine systems.
Maxcap is a wind turbine generator (WTG) with maximized capacity factor that achieves high full-load hours (per year), from 3000h at low wind sites up to
> 5000h at strong wind sites, which equals impressive capacity factors of > 40% in TC IV sites and >50% in TC III – II sites.

BioVege was founded to grow and trade organic vegetables for consumers’ health and safety. The philosophy of the applied vegetable growing and harvesting technology does not permit the use of any chemical plant protection products or artificial fertilizers. As a result, BioVege vegetables are 100% organic and consumer-friendly.

AirProfile developed a ground-breaking LiDAR system for remotely sensing wind. LiDAR stands for “light detection and ranging“ and enables laser-based wind measurements at the current hub heights of wind energy turbines and higher. AirProfile‘s advantage is provision of accurate measurements in every terrain of the world. No building permit, no forest clearing,

no time delay, no extrapolation, no estimation – just clean and precise data.